So. Much. Digging.

Alright, digging was fun for the first day or two, now 2 days in and only 1 stump of 3 removed, and 10/10 rows left to dig... 

Seriously stumps are stubborn. If you're thinking of clearing large trees yourself, I'd recommend burning the stump out or living around it. The digging method only worked out well for the smallest of the 3 and that was by no means a walk in the park. For the two left we've given up - guess these two are here to stay. Anyways those trees were older than us, they should get to stay where they want.


With that, it's on to digging our rows. I bought some lawn paint and marked out each row of 126ft long. This is more time consuming than it looks. In order to make sure the lines were straight and the corners were 90 degree angles, I followed the 3-4-5 rule (that math minor getting some use!). 

3-4-5 rule
For any right angle, you should be able to measure one side in multiples of 3, one in the same multiple of 4, and the distance between them should be in that multiple of 5.

For example:
I measured out 30 ft up and 40ft across, to confirm those two points were 50ft apart. 
I did the same thing again, 60ft up and 80ft across, confirming 100ft in between. 
I did that on both sides of our hill.

I used this tape measure.

From my reading a surveyor tool is actually made for this, but the local hardware store didn't have such things and probably would have cost a good deal more. Now could I have saved a lot of time of me slopping up and down the hill setting and resetting the rule... oh yeah. But it worked.


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