Digging Time

The excavator has arrived! With no more than a quick hello and a "you've driven one of these before, right?" and its ours for the week!

We've got the long weekend to dig 6-7 rows, each ~120ft long. If we have time we'll dig a few more for next years vines so we don't need an excavator again. Between each row will be 8 feet (with rows 3 feet wide) and when we plant the vines we'll have 6ft between them. Which will get us ~20 vines a row.

6ft between x 20 vines = 120ft a row
6 rows x 20 vines = 120 vines 

Woo and the excavator is powerful! We started off on the flattest part of the hill and rearranged some trees, picked up big rocks and beep-beeped around. It is a bit tippy, so we'll have to watch it on the steep part of the hill.

Also this excavator has heating and cooling, a radio, Bluetooth, everything you need to spend hours in it digging. 


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