Spring is here


We celebrated the first couple weekends of spring with yard work and bonfires. Now that the ground has finally thawed we can start making real progress on our vineyard site. This meant taking down the three big oaks that were looming over the clearing. This was a bit stressful of an event given we took them down ourselves with arguably the most terrifying tool - the chainsaw. Luckily my husband is a handy, smart (and careful) man and made short work of it. The less time with the chainsaw the better.

Don't mind the frantic dog barking at the beginning, she doesn't like the chainsaw either!

As you may imagine, with a few felled trees we were left with a lot of branches to burn. Over the course of a few weekends we successfully cleared the area. Many of the big trunk pieces we're hoping to get milled in the future so we could make furniture out of the trees! 

For now, our focus is getting ready for the excavator - it's officially getting delivered 4/1! Also, time check, only ~45 days until grapes are here. Time to get moving.


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