What if we start a vineyard?

Future vineyard views in driftless wisconsin

Several months ago, on an indistinct day of 2020 (as many were) I got it into my head that I'd like to make wine. And no, not something reasonable like wine from a kit, no, but start from the vine, invest multiple years of effort, to fingers-crossed-hope-this-paid-off drinkable results. 
Double A Vineyards Vine Receipt
Fast forward, my husband and I, two software managers who know nothing of viticulture, have purchased ourselves some land out in Driftless Wisconsin and have 150 grape vines on their way to our door! Here goes nothing.

Starting today, this journal is meant to chronicle our adventures into growing grapes and hopefully one day making wine from them. It will also likely include random thoughts of software development, food exploration, general land ownership blunders and successes. Follow along if you'd like!


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